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Thank you for your interest in our services! Our project descriptions represent work done by LandIQ, by Land IQ staff while previously employed with other firms, and by Land IQ staff under the former business name NewFields Agricultural and Environmental Resources.


Land IQ has extensive experience working at the agrictural-urban interface. Our clients include landowners, growers, agencies, commodity organizations, and industrial clients. Our experience includes traditional agronomic advising, such as managing nutrients and estimating crop water use, as well as responding to increasingly complex agricultural problems that involve regulatory, environmental, and policy issues. We address these challenges by pairing scientific knowledge with advanced analytical, modeling technologies and remote sensing.

[edit_term]Restoration Ecology

The Land IQ Habitat Restoration Group offers a wide range of specialized services in natural resource planning, analysis, restoration, and management. Our achievements in revegetating and reclaiming drastically disturbed landscapes such as landfills, roadways, and water projects, monitoring for mitigation, and assessing and monitoring exotic species highlight our success in restoration ecology. Land IQ has assessed over 50,000 acres of land for habitat restoration potential and developed specific protocols for resource management plans. Additionally, our staff has expertise in working with federal, state, and local agencies for upland and wetland restoration projects.  


Upland Habitat Restoration 


East Colima Before and After RestorationEast Colima Coastal Sage Scrub Mitigation Project

Los Angeles County, California
Orange County Waste and Recycling and the Puente Hills Habitat Preservation Authority
Land IQ was the restoration ecologist responsible for development of the restoration plan and implementation oversight of the 15.5-acre coastal sage scrub mitigation project on steep, degraded slopes in Whittier, California within the Puente Hills Preserve for the Puente Hills Habitat Preservation Authority and Orange County Waste and Recycling. The project was successfully completed on time and received concurrence from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in 2015.

Natural Communities Coalition (NCC) Habitat Restoration Plan Update
Coastal and Central Nature Reserve of Orange County, California
Natural Communities Coalition
Land IQ is responsible for updating the Master Habitat Restoration Plan within 37,000-acres of the Coastal and Central Nature Reserve of Orange County in collaboration and coordination with NCC and land managers. Development of the plan includes analysis of past successes and challenges for restoration efforts, assessment of existing conditions, development of best management practices for effective and cost-efficient landscape-scale habitat restoration that incorporates adaptive management guidelines.

Southern California Edison (SCE) Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRTP) Habitat Mitigation Execution Plans
Los Angeles County, California
SCE and the Puente Hills Habitat Preservation Authority
Land IQ is responsible for implementation oversight of the SCE TRTP off-site mitigation project within the Puente Hills Preserve that includes 53 acres of coastal sage scrub and 7 acres of oak and walnut woodland habitats per the Execution Plans developed by Land IQ for the project. The Plan included assessment of appropriate areas for habitat restoration and restoration site selection along with development of restoration specifications and performance monitoring plans for tracking project success. Land IQ based the restoration plans on our extensive knowledge of the over 4,000-acre Habitat Authority lands and our participation in development of the Resource Management Plan for the Habitat Authority in 2004.

Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Biological Consulting Services
Orange County, California
Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA)
Land IQ is responsible for on-call services for the Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridors and associated mitigation land management for over 2,000 acres, including restoration plan preparation for coastal sage and cactus scrub, and monitoring upland and riparian habitats associated with the toll roads. Management includes surveying and monitoring of sensitive wildlife species and rare plants, coordination with resource agencies, and preparation of annual reports.

Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Plan for the Irvine Ranch Land Reserve
Orange County, California
The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and The Irvine Company (TIC)
Land IQ was responsible for evaluating 11,652 acres of open space within the Irvine Ranch Land Reserve in Orange County, California for restoration potential based on existing conditions of exotic species densities, soils, and disturbance factors to develop restoration strategies and specifications for restoration of coastal sage scrub, oak woodlands, and native grassland habitats that included identification of appropriate restoration habitats and priorities.


Riparian and Wetland Habitat Restoration

Hanson-Villanueva Property Habitat Restoration ProjectHanson-Villanueva Property Before and After Restoration
Santa Clara River, Ventura County, California
The Nature Conservancy
Land IQ developed the Habitat Restoration, Enhancement, and Creation Plan for 344 acres of The Nature Conservancy’s Hanson-Villanueva Property within the lower watershed of the Santa Clara River that provides management strategies and defines specifications for habitat restoration, enhancement, and creation actions to improve the overall quality and habitat within the floodplain and the larger watershed. Land IQ currently is overseeing implementation of the plan that includes a 79-acre mitigation project for Caltrans.

Los Angeles River Habitat Restoration Feasibility Study
City of Los Angeles, California
The Nature Conservancy
Land IQ in collaboration with the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, University of Southern California, Connective Issue, and WRC Consulting Services was responsible for development of habitat restoration strategies and objectives for the reach of the Los Angeles River between Los Feliz Blvd. Bridge and the Taylor Yard Parcels to improve the value of native habitat that complement concurrent planning efforts to revitalize the use of the channel right-of-way and adjacent areas to benefit the economy, regional park space, water conservation, and native habitats.

Red Bluff Diversion Dam Fish Passage Improvement Project
Sacramento River, Red Bluff, California
Tehama-Colusa Canal Authority
Land IQ was part of the team responsible for developing the Habitat Mitigation Basis of Design Report and the Habitat Mitigation and Monitoring Plan for the Red Bluff Diversion Dam Fish Improvement Project to provide habitat for the following sensitive species: Chinook salmon, Steelhead trout, and Valley elderberry longhorn beetle.  The project included restoration, enhancement, and creation of 32 acres of mixed riparian forest, willow riparian scrub, floodplain herbaceous, emergent marsh, and open water habitats within the floodplain of the Sacramento River as mitigation for impacts to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers jurisdictional waters associated with decommissioning of the Red Bluff Diversion Dam and construction of a fish screen pumping facility to replace the old agricultural water diversion facility.

Santa Ana River Mainstem Project Reach 9, Phase 2B, perennial Stream Habitat Restoration
Santa Ana River, Orange County, California
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Land IQ in collaboration with WRC Consulting Services was responsible for development of the final restoration specifications for the 23.6-acre emergent and riparian habitat restoration project within Reach 9 of the Santa Ana River to provide flood protection and significant wetland habitat for migratory waterfowl, the federally endangered California Least Tern and Santa Ana sucker fish, and other endangered species. Working with the project hydrologists and civil engineers, Land IQ defined restoration for particular habitats based on surface and groundwater hydrology as well as soil substrates, developed restoration and maintenance specifications, and provided implementation oversight for the project.

[edit_term]Remote Sensing

Land IQ leverages a full range of satellite and airborne remote sensing products to match client needs, including:

  • Commercially available satellite data products
  • Multispectral and hyperspectral imagery
  • Thermal products
  • LiDAR
  • Other specialty products such as GPR (ground penetrating radar) and EM (electromagnetic field sensor)

We combine these products with our understanding of agricultural and other natural systems, landscape processes, plant communities, land management, production agriculture, and plant phenology to guide our analytical approaches. Our data products can be delivered in both traditional and interactive formats, and include maps showing crop types, irrigated and non-irrigated lands, vegetative cover types, and soils and soil surfaces. Land IQ's team of statisticians, remote sensing specialists, soil scientists and agronomists have also developed tools used for in-season precision agriculture, market assessments, and resource management.

[edit_term]Water Resources

Water quality and quantity are critical factors in any land-based system. Water resources evaluation, planning, and management take many forms in Land IQ's work. We evaluate the quality and quantity of 1) agricultural water for the safety and benefit of crops and soils, and 2) industrial wastewater for land application and treatment, or when it is beneficially reused in a crop or native plant system. Other waters resources services that Land IQ provides include: water conservation, crop consumptive use estimation using water balance tools, and groundwater basin modeling.

[edit_term]Salinity & Nutrients

We specialize in managing salinity and nutrients to optimize agricultural production and environmental protection. We have a broad range of experience in reclaiming agro-ecosystems when the balance between nutrients, salt, water, plants and soil needs to be restored. Land IQ has also developed new technologies to model nutrient dynamics that affect carbon and other greenhouse gas flux. Carbon accounting has an increasing role in California agriculture and in various land system inventories nationwide. Our services focused on salinity and nutrients include:

  • Sodic and saline soil reclamation
  • Nutrient interactions
  • Carbon accounting
  • Beneficial reuse of solids and wastewaters
  • Animal waste management
  • Salinity management in crops, soil and water systems

[edit_term]Regulatory Support

Land IQ helps clients understand and meet regulatory requirements. We provide technical review and interpretation of developing regulatory policy and build customized tools that help them implement long-term strategies. Land IQ has provided analytical tools to map and interpret impacts of groundwater quality assessments, groundwater recharge potential, wildfire burn intensities, impervious surfaces, invasive species, forest and wetland ecosystems, and greenhouse gas sequestration potential. Land IQ also assists clients with permitting, regulatory analysis and reporting, and endangered species consultation and management.


AlmondsCentral Valley Salinity Alternatives for Long-term Sustainability (CV-SALTS) Support for Kern River Watershed Coalition Authority
Land IQ attends policy development meetings, provides technical review of policy documents and delivers regular updates to this client’s board of directors to help them understand implications of water quality regulations and participate in developing new regulatory policy.


Technical Interpretation and Analysis for Almond Board of California
Land IQ determines data needs and provides spatial data analysis to provide information about how this client’s members’ fields intersect with areas of regulatory assessment and prioritization.


Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP) Nitrogen Management Plan Analysis and Reporting for Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition
Land IQ collects, manages, analyzes and reports members’ nitrogen application information to develop the Nitrogen Management Plan Summary report and provide grower outreach and feedback, as required by this client’s ILRP Waste Discharge Requirements.