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Puente Hills Assessment, Restoration Opportunities, Whittier, California – LSA Associates and Puente Hills Landfill Native Habitat Preservation Authority

habitat restoration native vegetation Restoration Ecology

Land IQ provided habitat restoration technical expertise for the evaluation of the restoration potential of 3,810 acres of open space, based on existing conditions of exotic species densities, soils, and disturbance factors. Land IQ was responsible for:

  • Developing evaluation criteria for ranking the restoration potential of different management areas and disturbed sites within the open space, based on ecological and practical consideration;
  • Coordinating the field team for mapping and assessing 1,304 acres of weedy, disturbed land for restoration potential based on existing conditions of exotic species densities, soils, and disturbance factors;
  • Coordinating and managing digital data mapped in the field, and data analysis.

Land IQ made specific recommendations to restore unique native habitats, including native grasslands, walnut woodland, oak woodland, chaparral and coastal sage scrub associations.

Land IQ continues to provide monitoring and consulting services to the PHLNHPA for habitat restoration.

Big Canyon Golf Course Wetland Restoration

wetlands restoration habitat monitoring Restoration Ecology

The Big Canyon Golf Course wetland restoration involves the creation and enhancement of riparian and emergent/herbaceous wetland habitat onsite at the golf course as mitigation for facility enhancements and property renovations that affected federal and state jurisdictional waters and wetlands. Land IQ worked with the hydrologists and engineers at WRC Consultant Services, Inc. to develop the final restoration and monitoring plan. The plan included creating and revegetating a new steam channel along a historic blue-line stream, as well as enhancing riparian and emergent vegetation along two existing golf course lakes. Land IQ is responsible for:

  • Verifying plant layout, and monitoring plant installation and seeding;
  • Horticultural maintenance monitoring;
  • Quarterly monitoring of plant establishment during the first year after installation;
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual monitoring reports.

The stream creation area achieved nearly 75 percent cover in its first year, just under the third-year performance criteria. The lake enhancement areas exceeded the fourth and fifth year performance criteria of 85 and 90 percent cover, respectively. Exotic vegetation had less than 10 percent cover at the end of the first year. Maintenance at the site continues. At this time, the project is in compliance of all permit mitigation requirements.