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Imperial Irrigation District Crop Mapping and Sea Floor Exposure Analysis

dust control air quality crop identification Remote Sensing Agriculture

Land IQ is working with the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) on water operations and technologies for dust mitigation on expanding exposed Salton Sea floor. Land IQ conducted multiple remote sensing analyses to support IID's water delivery operations and Air Quality Mitigation Program. Our agricultural scientists and remote sensing specialists used advanced, object-based methods to identify crops and cropping patterns for over 20,000 acres of this diverse agricultural district. In addition, we have prepared an analysis of sea floor exposure rates and extent to support development of air quality monitoring networks, inform air quality monitoring data interpretation, and help in locating air quality pilot mitigation study areas.

Our specialized analysis and ground verification methods allow for greater detail and accuracy in crop identification/surface mapping than other traditional or remote methods and provide cost-effective solutions for assessment of large land areas.